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                  2014 News Events

Hiking The Monuments of DC!
Troop 313 Hiked the Monuments of Washington, D.C. this summer.  During their hike they had a book to guide them from monument to monument and used their compasses to point them in the right direction  They learned orienteering and would read about each monument in the guide book which contained lots of information about each monument they visited and will get a patch for their fun day in the capital of our nation. This was a fun filled day with lots of memories and friendship fun.

                  2013 News Events

SugarHollow Hogwarts Camporee 2013


Another year at Sugar Hollow.  Thanks to all the Girls Scouts that made it to our Hogwarts Camp this year and didn't let the wet weather discourage them.  We had lots of fun with the sorting, making and decorating of our magic wands to be used with the spell book, after taking a quick class in spells.  Their was also the maze where our fearless dragon lay sleeping with the golden eggs to be found by all.  Under another pavilion was potions and editable owls for all to enjoy.  Dumbledore waited by the fire with our three headed dog for those willing to look for the sorcerers stone. Then last but not least and loved by all was our archery lessons given by Chris Carter.  Thanks for still working in the rain.  Congratulations to all the troops that participated in the site contests as well.  The awards were well deserved.


Culpeper Firemans Parade 2013

Culpeper Firemans Parade is a yearly event that the Fire department organizes as the opening of their Firemans fair each year where they award prizes to floats, have live stock compititions, rides and many other events to raise funds for the fire department.  If you didn't make it this year, then try to be creative and show your troops float in next years parade.  It is a lot of fun and bonding for the girls.



                  2012 News Events

Brownie Troop #76 hiked on Skyline

Front row from left to right: Madisyn Smith, Ella Brausen, Caitlyn 
Weaver, Leeanna Fincham.  Back row from left to right: Patti Weaver, 
Abby Compton, Tabbithia Weaver, Mackenzie Mize, Tina Mize

Virginia Skyline Council's Reading Fun Patch Program 



Virginia Skyline Council's Read Fun Patch Program ran from October 1, 2011 to April 1, 2012
Girls from all levels of Girl Scouts participated in the program.  They had to complete at least four of the activities listed to earn the Reading Patch and an extra special reward was earned for completing all activities.  The activities ranged from reading a cookbook and making a recipe from the book to reading a science fiction book all the way to starting a book club!  The girls that participated stretched their reading repertoire and had fun in the process.  Congratulations to all the participants!


Walking that Pink Carpet!

Girls from a couple of Culpeper troops come together for a day at the spa where they were pampered and prepped for the Pink Carpet walk.  They spent the afternoon getting their pedicures, manicures, and facials while waiting for the polish to dry in turn they sat in their pink chairs and read magazines, snacked at the bar with many fun finger foods and dressed up at the end to walk the pink runway lighted with multicolored rotating lights.  As the song goes "Girls just wanna have fun". 

                  2011 News Events

A Venture North

Weekend summer camp  


A weekend summer camp with lessons in outdoor cooking, campfires, learning how to use outdoor tools and many new adventures. This summer 2 more girls earned their woodswoman patch which is one of the most difficult patches you can earn.  Girls need to work hard and learn new skills as well as reviewing old skills.  The theme for the camp was Holidays and they were able to do many crafts perteraining to the seasonal hoidays of the year.  Swimming was a refreshing break as the entire camp got to swim both Friday and Saturday.  A great time for all as they get refreshed and ready for the rest of their day.  And the highlight of the camp for me is always the evening campfires.  Songs and skits with lots of fun and a place to just relax at the end of the day.  I hope all had as much fun as I did. 







The Father Daughter Dance was held at the Culpeper High School on March 17th, 2011. The girls were dressed to charm a prince and the fathers were their prince of the evening. What else says I am handsome then a dad all dressed up just for his little girl. Moms, I am sure you are very proud of both. This year the event was catered and the layout was good. Dressing up, eating, and lots of dancing made a for a night of royalty. Nothing makes a girl feel any more special then her dad dancing and admiring what a beautiful girl she has become. A full moon outside was the perfect ending to a perfect royal ball and all the girls felt like it was their night to be Cinderella.







  2010 News Events



Leader Retreat 

What a blast we had at the Culpeper Service Unit Leader Retreat held at Verdun Adventure Bound on November 13. Dr. Snyder took us on a hay wagon tour of the facility and we saw all the campsites,high and low ropes courses, rock wall, ponds, indian teepee, and other fascinating areas. The leaders then participated in two hours of fun team building activities. Pictures are posted.
The group shared lunch with each other and looked at girl scout scrapbooks to learn about other troop activities.How to Plan Group Trips was taught and the leaders learned about Fing, Fong, Fooey and How to Build A Star with team work. Karline Gibson provided the craft activity, where the group made award necklaces. New blessings and songs were taught and everybody grouped together to meet new people. It was a relaxing socialable day. 

Thanks to the attendees: Pearl Jamison, Lisa Hansoln, Barb Corpening, Jan Carros, 
Holly Durrer, Janine Resau, Robin Maley, Lisa Vealey, Katie Brumsted, Susan Potter, Jennifer McCaughey, Pam Napier, Charity Revutin, Freda Kennedy, Monica Stover, Kathy Massey, and Cindy Kilby. 

Mother Daughter Dinner Theater Was Magical 

Saturday, November 6th, 2010


The mother daughter dinner theater was just as magical as ever and had a record level turnout for the culpeper service unit. Millstone Family Restaurant catered the event with a wonderful buffet of baked ziti, salad and dinner rolls.  Pictures and patches for the event were included with the main attraction being the magic show.  The girls and moms had a great time with audience participation.  Wes Iseli, the evenings performer, was funny, interactive, and provided plenty of entertainment.  Everyone got to pet the live rabbit he used in his performance after the show and each girl recieved a goody bag. 


Troop 313 Plants A Flower Garden at American Legion

        Choosing Flowers              Breaking Ground                   Designing


Troop 313 plants a flower garden at the Culpeper American Legion Post 330. The multi level troop first held a yard/bake sale to earn money for the purchase of topsoil, manure and edging needed for the garden. This project earned a try it for our Brownies and the older girls earned community service hours. But most of all the American Legion has a nice garden to spruce up the place. This project was also made possible with the support of local organizations like the Country Flower Garden and the Amissville Nursery who donated flowers and compost to the troop. The American Legion also donated several bags of mulch as well. A sign was donated by Black Forest Signs and now marks are garden with style.  The troop greatly appreciates the support of our local organizations who are helping our girls to support their community and our military. This is how we all work together to make our world a better place. The girls worked hard and the garden should bloom in colors of Red White and Blue. Thanks to all that supported us and our ideas.









                           Culpeper Events


Sugar Hollow Camporee - October 7-9, 2011

Mother Daughter Carnival - November 12, 2011

Roller Skating Recruitment Day - January 14, 2012

Thinking Day/States Fair - February 18 , 2012

Father Daughter Event - March 17, 2012

Bridging - June 9, 2012


                          Annual Culpeper Events Descriptions


Sugar Hollow Camporee – Camping is a fun part of girl scouting and the Service Unit travels each year to Sugar Hollow, located in Albemarle County. This girl scout camp is a weekend event held in early October. Troops must have an outdoor ed trained adult and a certified CPR/First Aider in order to fully participate in the weekend camp. Limited Camporee Training is available for limited Service Unit Camporee camping.

Camp Sugar Hollows holds tons of fun which generally includes a theme of sorts, an educational learning opportunity on Saturday morning, then free time, swap exchange, singing around the campfire, and, of course, s’mores.

Swaps are exchanged between troops. These items are memorabilia that pin to your vests, hats or coats and often support the theme of the weekend. For information on making swaps, check out the website or ask another camping veteran from Culpeper Service Unit.


Mother Daughter Event – This event is held in November at Culpeper High School cafeteria and the event varies each year. If mothers are unavailable to participate, then an adult female may substitute. Past events have included spa parties, dinners, calendar bingo, freaky friday, and pajama night.


Tree of Warmth – This annual event supports our local schools. Troops are asked to bring warm clothing items such as coats, hats, gloves, socks, sweatpants, etc. These items are then divided up and given to our local schools to be used for students in need. This is done at the December Service Unit meeting.

Christmas Party/Gift Exchange – The December Service Unit meeting involves a quick business meeting and cookie training. Thereafter, the members have a Christmas potluck dinner and yankee gift exchange. Participation is voluntary in both. Each participant brings a dish/drink to share and enjoys socializing with fellow leaders. Afterwards, a yankee swap gift exchange is held and everybody anticipates who will receive the yuletide log gag gift. If you receive it, you must attend the following year to re-gift it.


Skating Day – Bring a Friend Recruitment Event held at Dominion Skating Center. The Service Unit uses this event to recruit new girl scouts and current girl scout members are encouraged to bring non-Girl Scout friends with the hope that these non-Girl Scouts will be encouraged to join us as registered members.


Thinking Day and International/States Fair Each year in February, girls participate in activities, games and projects with global themes to honor their sister Girl Guides and Girl Scouts in other countries. Pinning new Girl Scouts with the World Pin occurs at this ceremony.

The second part of the event is the Fair. In odd years, it is an International Fair, which highlights countries of the world. In even years, it is a States Fair, which highlights the states in America. Each troop has the opportunity to choose a country or state and make a fun booth for other girl scouts to visit. All troops with booths will be set up in the high school cafeteria. It is not mandatory that troops host a booth, but it is a lot of fun.

The traditional booth will have information about the country/state and will have games, activities and/or food in conjunction with the geographic location chosen.

The girl scouts in each troop take turns working their booth and visiting the other booths. This allows the troop to work their booth to teach others PLUS they also get a chance to visit other booths. Troops who do not host a booth are still invited to attend to visit the various booths to learn about states and/or countries.

The Fair opens with the Thinking Day Ceremony and then a Parade of States or Parade of Nations is done to show everyone which states or countries are attending the Fair that day. Each troop walks their flag around and often the girls are dressed in costumes representing their geographic area.

The Fair typically opens at 9:00 for set up and the opening ceremony starts at 10:00 The Fair ends around 12:30. Lunch can be brought to eat on site. It is the troop’s responsibility to clean up their area after the end of the event.

To visit the booths, each person needs to purchase a bracelet from the service unit. As you visit each country or state, your bracelet receives a pin showing that you visited that place. The bracelets are $1.00 each and the proceeds from the bracelets are donated to the Juliette Low Foundation. Juliette Gordon Low had friends around the world and was committed to offering the benefits of Girl Scouting to girls around the globe. To honor Juliette's love of travel, of experiencing different cultures, and of making new friends, Girl Scouts of the USA created the Juliette Low World Friendship Fund (JLWFF) in 1927.


Father Daughter Dance or Bowling – Fathers (or a male substitute) bring their daughters to the dance at Culpeper High School cafeteria. The dance usually has a fun theme. Available at the dance are corsages to purchase for $1.00 and pictures for $1.00. Girl Scout patches are also sold for $2.00.

Each couple brings something drinks or food to share. The event starts at 6:00 p.m. and ends at 8:00 p.m.

Bowling event is held at Mountain Run Bowling Lanes in lieu of dance.


Leader Daughter Ice Cream Social – At the April Service Unit meeting, all leaders and co-leaders are invited to bring their daughters to the service unit meeting for an Ice Cream Social, which is held at the end of the regular business meeting. This social is to thank all daughters who share their moms/dads with the other girls in the troop. Each scout is given a patch to commemorate the event.


Bridging Ceremony – The Service Unit bridging ceremony is held the first Saturday of June. In case of rain, the event is moved to an indoor site. Participation in this event is only for troops who are bridging to the next age level and is voluntary. Some troops prefer to hold a private bridging ceremony.

At the ceremony, programs are given out so it is important for leaders to provide a list of all bridging girls to the Service Unit Secretary for inclusion in the program. This is true for all troops, even if there are holding a private ceremony.

The bridging event begins with the Daisy age level and ends with Ambassadors bridging to adults. Each troop leader will announce and implement the bridging of the troop. A bridge is provided and pictures can be taken at the event after the ceremony.

Troop leaders can give gifts to their girls and often have the new age level sashes and vests available for the girls to put on after they cross the bridge.




















































































Girl Scout Week



Sunday March 6th-Saturday March 12th


*Sunday March 11th-Saturday March 17th


Sunday March 10th-Saturday March 16th


Sunday March 9th-Saturday March15th


Sunday March 8th-Saturday March 14th


Sunday March 6th-Saturday March 12th


Sunday March 12th-Saturday March 17th


Sunday March 11th-Saturday March 17th


Sunday March 10th-Saturday March 16th


Sunday March 8th-Saturday March 14th

*100th Anniversary